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So whatís this Jumblefly thing all about?

Jumblefly is a website designed to help save you time whenever youíre interested in booking a cheap flight.   The 2 main ways it does this are:

  All Budget Airlines
It enables you to search all flights operated by all the budget airlines rather than finding and trawling through the many separate sites yourself

  Multiple Airports *
Due to itís unique map search, Jumblefly allows you to select all airports you would consider flying from and to within a single search, rather than having to search each one separately.   This is particularly useful if you live close to a number of airports.

Further features have been added to make it even more useful, such as:

  Mainstream Airlines
In case the flights provided by the budget airlines arenít quite right for you, Jumblefly gives you the ability to search the same routes for the mainstream airlines without having to input your flight details all over again.

  "Fly Green"
For people concerned with climate change, Jumblefly can help you neutralise your flight's carbon emmissions.   Click here for more information

  Your Last Results **
Jumblefly will store the results of the last search you performed, enabling you to recall them with a single click.   Whatís more, it will automatically update the results if things have changed with any of the airlines since your original search.

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