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Top Tips
Tips on how to make the most of Jumblefly and get the best flight deals

Search All Potential Airports
By using the Jumblefly map you can select multiple airports within a single search.   Make sure you make the most of this by choosing all the airports you would be willing to depart from and arrive at.   This is particularly useful if you live close to a number of airports.   Also, when flying to a foreign city, it is sometimes cheaper and just as easy to fly to a different city which is close by and getting a connecting train/coach.

Book Well in Advance
It is no great secret that the budget airlines price their tickets depending on the number available at the time.   If you book months in advance, whilst there are many still available, the prices can be very low.   However, if you leave it until late, when only few remain, prices can be as high as many mainstream airline.

Check again Before You Book
Budget airlines regularly change the routes they fly, whilst ticket prices can change by the hour.   Therefore, if you have used Jumblefly to find your cheap flight before you are actually ready to book, it is always worth returning to Jumblefly to check whether any better options have become available.
(Note. If you use the “Your Results” function to do this, Jumblefly will automatically check all the budget airlines for potential route changes)

Check the Mainstream Airlines Before You Book
Some of the mainstream airlines are now offering cheaper deals to try to compete against the budget airlines.   It is therefore always worth doing a quick search of their prices before you book a budget airline flight.   You can do this easily on Jumblefly by using the “Search Mainstream Flights” section near the bottom of your results page.

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